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Athletic Lockers. Our Plastic Lockers are Perfect for Athletic Lockers, Spa Lockers, Gym Lockers, Pool Lockers, Tropical Climate Areas, and more!  They last 10 times longer than wood lockers, metal lockers, or plastic laminate lockers, in humid areas!

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lockers Benefits of Fortress Lockers Systems™ --
the 100% polypropylene, all-setup, plastic lockers !
Lasts 10 times longer than wood lockers, plastic laminated wood lockers and metal lockers under humid conditions!

Water, corrosion
and rust-resistant?
Lockers: Rust and corrosion are the biggest enemies of conventional lockers.  Moisture from wet towels, swimsuits, or humid climates can reek havoc on metal and wood lockers.  Now you can easily extend the life of your lockers beyond 15 years by investing in  Fortress Lockers Systems™.  Our lockers cost is comparable to conventional lockers systems, plus you will save money by forgoing the need to replace moisture-damaged lockers. In a damp environment, continuously subjected to moisture and harsh disinfectants, metal lockers and wood lockers (including plastic- laminated lockers) will last about 3 to 5 years before the lockers require replacement or refurbishing.
Why do
Fortress Lockers Systems™
last so long?
Lockers: Fortress Lockers Systems™ are made of 100% polypropylene, which is among the strongest and most chemical resistant plastics available.  Our lockers are completely corrosion and water resistant.  Our lockers are unaffected by salts, acids, chlorine, and many other caustic chemicals. Because our lockers systems are made from solid 100% polypropylene,  Fortress Lockers Systems™ will not fade, and will never need repainting.   Our lockers will not delaminate.  Fortress Lockers Systems are tough. Our lockers are constructed from 1/2" solid polypropylene on all doors, and from 3/8" material on all wall panels.

All-setup lockers Construction?

How can this save time and money?

How about end-panels
and bases? 

How much extra cost is involved?

Lockers: "All-setup construction" means our lockers arrive to the customer already "Set Up"!   Our lockers are fabricated in configurations ranging from 4 wide setup units (frames) to 2 wides.   Lockers styles include single, double, triple, and quad tier lockers sizes.  Custom lockers configurations of mixed sizes are also available.

Our lockers with their "all-setup" construction saves the customer time and expense in lockers  installation costs.  You do not have hundreds of lockers panels, nuts and bolts to deal with ...  Just, attach the lockes to the wall, screw on the handles, and the hasp!  You're Done!

Our lockers do not have any "hidden costs". Our lockers include a built-in base, plus finished end-panels!  Lockers with flat bottoms are available for those who want to place lockers on a built-up concrete base.

Chemical resistant?


Lockers: Even permanent marker wipes away easily off our lockers !  Just use a small amount of acetone (nail polish remover!) to wipe marks off our lockers.  Routine cleaning of our lockers is as simple as using any non-abrasive cleanser:  window cleanser works perfectly. You can even hose our lockers down!  Our lockers love water!

Lockers construction: Polypropylene is one of the most chemical resistant, space age materials available.  Easily resists structural change from all common solutions of salts, caustics, acids, fuel oils, chlorine, and solvents. Polypropylene is the same material used for chemical containers.  Our plastic lockers are perfect for Bio- Tech facilities, hospitals, wellness centers, and any other venue which requires frequent sanitation.


Fortress Lockers Systems™
are Beautiful!

Lockers: When "Aesthetics are as Important as Function", our lockers are the Systems to purchase.  Our lockers are ideal for Country Clubs, Spas, Athletic Clubs, Natatoriums, and more!

Our lockers offer both Function and Aesthetic Appeal. Unlike the many "industrial-look" lockers on the market, our lockers and benches are streamlined and elegant.  Fortress Lockers ' clean lines, and glossy, white, marble-like finish will add beauty to the decor of any facility.

Fortress Lockers will dramatically brighten even the dingiest locker room. Light reflects brilliantly from the glossy white lockers surface. Depending on the locker room coloring of the floor and walls, our lockers often will reflectively bounce slight hues from the surrounding area.... thus melding them in with the interior decor.  We offer 18 standard trim colors on our lockers. Hundreds of custom colors are available also!  Trim on lockers includes door detail stripe, matching vent and number plate.


Made in the USA

Lockers: Fortress Lockers Systems™ are made in the USA.  They were developed  after twenty five plus years of locker design and installation experience.  

FLS plastic lockers are sold Nationally and abroad.  Sale of lockers  may be made direct, or through one of our dealers.  We will be adding a list of our dealers and reps to this site in the near future. 

Lockers: For more information, call us at 410.224.2212. Nationwide Sales.

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